Saturday, July 2, 2022

#JULYGANTIC: A Question of Ethics

 A Question of Ethics is a short 3.x-era adventure from the WotC website, aimed at four 12th-level characters.  And it’s by Monte Cook, so you know it’s gonna be [whatever adjective you’re expecting to be here].  Let’s read!


  1. The setup is that there’s a company of adventurers (not you guys, another group) trying to go after a wizard’s tomb that has since been occupied by stone giants.  The adventure tells us that both the company and the giants are sort of morally grey, and that the PCs can aid either group (gee, thanks).

  2. Everything begins with a fair, hosting an ‘Arcane Challenge’ in town, which is kind of interesting and allows party wizard-types to be creative in solving some problems.  There’s also a disease outbreak going on, and it turns out the rival adventurers have the idea to weaponize that disease against the giants…

  3. Basically the PCs need to decide what to do (if anything) about the conflict, and once it’s resolved, they have access to the wizard’s tomb (the entrance to which was uncovered just before all this started, and nobody’s been in there yet).

  4. The tomb itself is guarded by a golem and a mess of traps.  A few nice magic items in there, although at 12th-level I’m not sure how impressive they are.

There isn’t much to this one beyond the conceit of the PCs deciding how to interfere (or not) with the conflict between the adventurers and the stone giants - a little piece of faction play.  You could harvest the wizard tomb and map, and the Arcane Challenge.

"Let's use this cattle disease to kill off the stone giants" is absolutely a PC scheme.

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