Random Tables

All my random tables in one place.  Links go to the blogpost introducing the table.  A few of these may be googledocs, but the new ones are pdfs - I've been going back and updating here and there.

Striga Generation -- great for spicing up witches and hags (and who doesn't love a good spiced hag?).

Fantasy Name Generator -- from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Frontier Town Name Generator -- Wampus Country setting awesomeness, useful for Western games in general.

One Hundred Magic Users -- personality traits, nicknames, familiars...

Potions -- appearance, scent/taste, effect, miscibility

Treasure Maps -- for generating treasure-map landmarks on the fly

Arcane Books -- titles, contents

Reskinning/Generating Hybrid Monsters  -- body-part switch-em-up

What's He Riding?  -- for the generation of mounts mundane and magical

Demonichaos!   -- for generating chaotic names.

Fairyland Weirdness   -- a camel, wearing a tuxedo, on a pennyfarthing bicycle.  For generating strange inhabitants; definitely on the whimsical side rather than the creepy.

Henchpersons & Hangers-On  -- for generating henchmen personalities and foibles, or animated objects.

Amusing Diversions -- for generating names and details of unusual fantasy board/card/pub games.

What's In The Backpack?  -- Backpack contents!

"This is preposterous!  Monster!  Treasure!  Monster!  Treasure!  Why, there's nothing actually random about this dungeon at all, is there?  You have some explaining to do, Mrs. Farthington, and I recommend you choose your words carefully.  We were informed that you were some sort of creative genius, but you're really just an idiot with a bag full of funny-looking dice, aren't you?"