Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miniatures & Wampus Country

Horrible guilt for not posting for a month, blah blah.

Work proceeds apace on a non-Wampus Labyrinth Lord module - with art and maps and stuff! - for publication later in the Fall.

And, now, this:

("My God, Helen!  He's browsing for miniatures and acting like it's a blog post!  The nerve!")

Wampus Country is not a miniature-friendly game, even leaving aside the fact that I've been running it primarily over the internet.  When I did my session at NTRPGCon, we used some plastic dinosaurs, but I didn't bring miniatures for the PCs (I might next year...).  I'm not a battlegrid guy at heart, but if I had a face-to-face group, I'm sure we'd use miniatures for some things - set-piece battles, maybe, that sort of thing.  In the past I've stolen my son's 54mm plastic cowboys to run a thing or two, but if you want broad minis selection, these days you're mostly looking at 25-28mm scale.

Fashion and armament vary a bit in the Wampus Country, so looking for 25-28mm models that "go with" the setting should be easy.  Some Victorian, VSF, and pulp minis will work; cowboys work; Napoleonics work.  If I painted some of these minis up in "Wampus" style, I think I'd aim for brighter colors than the historical standard.

Here are a handful I've come across lately that get my want-to-paint-minis juices flowing.

Blue Moon Manufacturing has a line called "Drums In The Ohio Valley" that's just chock-full of goodness; they also have highwaymen and cowboys!

Perry Miniatures has some nice-looking American Civil War dudes - in plastic, no less.

Over at Wargames Factory, they have these sweet multi-part plastics I know I could do something with.

And of course Foundry has plenty of models that would be fun to paint up.

And that's just the tiniest slice of the 28mm historicals that are out there; not to mention fantasy pieces (and bits of pieces).

Which is not to say I'm getting back into minis wargaming or anything.  But I could see getting back into painting...