Monday, May 7, 2012

d100 Potions

"Bottoms up, you sissies!"
Ever need a mess of random potions, quick?  Raid on a wizard's kitchen?  Players asking you what every potion looks and smells like?

Click here to download a d100 table of potions.  The four columns are as follows:

Appearance - what the potion looks like, presuming it's in a clear container, or the PCs pour some out.

Taste/Scent - roll once for taste and once for scent if you're cruel.  Definitely some Bertie Bott's action going on here.

Effect - one hundred potion effects.  Includes all the classics, plus a bunch more from which you can improvise.

Miscibility - a potion miscibility table with a hundred different results.  Significantly greater chance of things going wrong as compared to the classic table - might want to save this for the yahoo that drinks four potions at once.  Although there's some beneficial stuff on there as well, along with the standard results from the DMG, just not in the same proportions.

"Fantastic Creations"


  1. Nicely done. Downloaded and will more then likely use! Which I think is the biggest compliment I can give :) Good stuff.

  2. Very awesome table duder! Thanks for the hard work on this!

  3. Excellent work; the appearance/smell columns are especially handy for me as I prefer to present potions to the players unlabelled. Keeps them on their toes! The miscibility table is also a great thing.

  4. A great table, I've shelved a similar one I was building. Any chance of a 1 page version or access to the spreadsheet?


    Should be able to make a copy from there and mess with it; let me know if that doesn't work!

  6. I've automated this table over at Abulafia:


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