Friday, July 8, 2022

#JULYGANTIC: The Liberation of Geoff

 Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff is a 2e update of the original, plus a bunch of new material.  Let's read!

Cloud giants and harem pants go together like peanut butter and chocolate.


1. The module opens with a note from author Sean K Reynolds about trying to write in the shadow of Against the Giants.  It's respectful and sets the tone for the rest of the book.

2. Some exposition meant to supplant (or add to) the background from the original modules.  

3. First up we have Steading, Glacial Rift, and Hall, basically unchanged, with updated maps.  Even some of the original art pieces are here, but this section is art-shy in an attempt to squeeze everything in.  For the record, I hate the art headers throughout the book - it's padding and everybody knows it.

4.  Now in Part Two, we get to 'The Liberation of Geoff' - new content.  Plenty of wilderness stuff, a regional map to play with, including orc-infested territory, space taken over by trolls, and such.  The PCs are supposed to go around and liberate the territory (hence the name of the module).  That map includes, as major adventure locations, a cloud giant castle, a frost giant compound inside a mountain, and a castle taken over by fire giants.  Interesting choices - basically two giant types done differently than in the original, and one 'new' giant type.  Poor stone giants, always left out.

5. None of these giant lairs are revolutionary, but they're all serviceable, and feel like lived-in places rather than chains of fights.  Easily re-used in your own campaign.

6. The whole shebang wraps up at the cloud islands ruled by the puppetmaster cloud giants behind everything.

7.  Back matter in the mod includes a new monster, odds and ends, and the truncated stats of every monster in the book.  See, WotC, it can be done.


The Liberation of Geoff is solid.  Not only does it include the original three Giants modules, but the new material is solid, sensible, and easily stolen from for your campaign.  

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