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Our delightful pdf catalog available at the above famous retailers includes such novel wonders as:

Theriospheric Transfigurations, a collection of animal-themed spells

Vague Elephant Project, a miscellany of pachydermic nonsense

Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Wampus Country, the Halloween & Harvest compilation

produced in concert with the fine folks at Lost Pages:

Wampus Country Travel Guide 1: Lumberlands

Grab your axe, go the weird woodlands, and make a name for yourself! 

Lumberjacks, sasquatches, and squirrels collide in this comedic fantasy mini-setting inspired by a kitschy and ahistorical vision of the forests of the Pacific Northwest.  Including a company town, multiple factions, lots of encounters, a ton of NPCs, a handsome marmot, and adventure hooks throughout, Lumberlands isn't a scripted adventure - it's a toolkit for building adventures in the weird woods, and fuel for session improvisation.

Written by Wampus Country creator Erik Jensen and featuring the whimsical art of Alex Damaceno (Beyond the Borderland, Hamsterish Hoard of Hexes), Lumberlands is mapless and system-agnostic but lends itself to old-school-style fantasy games.

48 pages, A5 black and white.  Note that the first printing has a conspicuous typo on the cover and frontispiece (County vice Country!).  Collectors will clamor.


Spear Witch  SOLD OUT

Floating Chair  SOLD OUT

Exalted Funeral  SOLD OUT



The Mixed GM "the tables are full of gameable ideas that are ripe for sticking in your own game"

From The Sorcerer's Skull  "if grim is your only mode of roleplaying well it isn't for you.  But for the rest of you, I urge you to check it out."

Reviews from R'lyeh  "funny and engaging and inventive"

"Totally worth the price of entry! I love all the new and totally different, highly creative interpretations that were made for classic concepts...Great work!"   - James Mishler


Pod of Blunders - talking about Lumberlands

Pod of Blunders - Lumberlands play session!

Dungeons & Dinners - talking about Lumberlands and old-school play

Aaron the Pedantic - first impressions of Lumberlands

JordanCon - discussing Lumberlands and OSR gaming

Fantasy America Roundtable! - my three-way interview with Trey Causey and Jason Kielbasa.

Drink Spin Run - Erik appears in the two-part episode on Creative Campaigns.

Hobbs & Friends - Erik's on episode 61 talking about all things Wampus and whimsy.

My own podcast episodes, Tales of Valor & Sorcery!  Recorded on Anchor but available everywhere.

Erik was on a WebDM charity stream once but apparently it no longer exists!  The internet is a lie!


Bonespur Glacier - A charity adventure for AD&D.  To commemorate the birthday of Gary Gygax, Christopher “The Secret DM” Mennell ran a contest on his blog in 2012 soliciting submissions of short adventure sites with a “first edition feel”. The two winning entries by Erik Jensen and Jason Paul McCartan are collected in this publication and brought further to life through the artistic talents of Khairul Hisham, Glynn Seal, and Jason Sholtis. The awesome cover art was created by Christopher Malidore. Layout was originally developed by Jez Gordon and completed by Jason Paul McCartan. 


including TridentCon, Hungry Orc, and 'Old School' Old Bay parody designs.

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