Monday, December 29, 2014

Doing The Things We Otter

Among the lesser-known animal gods of the Wampus Country is Lutraya, the Otter Queen, whose followers ply the waterways. Her faithful include some humans, the odd fish-man, and the few otter-kin families who still live along the Great River.  The Otter Queen is a kindly neutral goddess who appears as either a silver-furred otter with emeralds for eyes, or a beautiful woman in a checkered gown.  She has few clerics, but is known to provide the spells below.

level one transmutation

This is the invocation a priest of Lutraya learns upon completing his initial schooling as an acolyte - the ability to shift into the form of a normal-sized otter. The transformation is instant, and lasts until dawn or until dispelled. While in ottershape, the cleric can understand and speak the language of otters and other mustelids. Casting the spell requires the cleric wear at least one article of checkered clothing.

Spraint For The Haint
level one necromancy

The cleric rubs a bit of otter dung (fresh or dried) on their face and around the eyes. For the next few rounds (equal to caster level), person-affecting spells invoked by the priest will also affect the undead. For example, a hold person spell may not typically function against ghouls; with spraint for the haint, it will.

level four conjuration

The true power of Lutraya revealed! The cleric meditates for a full hour, praying to the Otter Queen. At the completion of the ritual, d6x50 normal otters arrive and do the cleric’s bidding for one turn before melting away into puddles of river-water. This spell can only be cast once per lunar year, and requires a sacrifice of 200gp worth of colorful shells.