Wednesday, July 13, 2022

#JULYGANTIC: Curse of the Riven Sky

 This Pathfinder module for 10th-level characters is by Monte Cook.  Does that mean we’ll have a convoluted backstory?  YES.  Let’s read!


  1. You need to see this cloud giant wizard Zoarth, but when you show up, his castle’s under siege by the minions of the lover he betrayed years ago.  She loves birds!  He's under the sway of extradimensional cats!  After Zoarth betrayed Verakas, she got mixed up with some otherworldly nonsense, and now she’s back for revenge - and her plot happens to occur just as you show up, what a coinkydink.

  2. Fight hill giants to get into the castle.  Within, take care of the possessed frost giant (and his devil buddy).  Gotta stop that devil before it destroys the castle’s foundation.

  3. More hill giants, including one riding an ARMORED TRICERATOPS.  Metal as all hell.

  4. So you’ve rescued Zoarth, and part two involves tracking where the hill giants came from and figuring out what’s going on.  Along the way you’ll fight a linnorm, maybe deal with a dryad & satyr, and fight MOAR HILL GIANTS.  Kick enough giant ass and you find out they’re working for someone called the Storm Queen.

  5. A stop in a city, strange weather, hanging with a sage that provides some context to what’s going on.

  6. To take the fight to the Storm Queen, the PCs have to enter the eye of the weird storm in the sky (hey look, it’s the name of the module!).  She’s on a flying barge, accompanied by a dragon.  Beat her down and then figure out how to close the rift in the sky.  And maybe fight Zoarth later, depending.

And that’s that.  If you don’t mind some choo-choo, this adventure looks like possibly a fun romp against giants.  There’s a good bit of backstory, and it will come up in the adventure - or should, if you want to appreciate what’s here.  I don’t know, it seems like the armored triceratops and the possessed giant who can pull devils out of himself are the best part. This is nowhere near the best Pathfinder module I've ever read.

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