Game Master Annual #1 contains a selection of articles of interest to game-runners, including constructing a labyrinth using playing-cards, a large selection of medieval/fantasy shops to drop into a city, and more.  My contribution was a revised/expanded version of a blogpost on reskinning monsters.

Secret Santicore 2011 is an immense and gorgeous compilation of encounters, rules, maps, adventure hooks, random tables, and more.  Why don't you have this yet?


The "preview edition" of the Arcane Abecediary contains 78 new Wampus Country spells for Labyrinth Lord.  This is the "ugly" pdf edition - it badly needs proper formatting and an editing pass, but folks have been using the spells out of it no problem.

The Kvasisgaldr Road is a one-page-dungeon-thing I wrote for the Great Khan's contest.

More stuff coming all the time...

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  1. The spellbook is so cool! I just discovered you Love the wierd crap!