Saturday, July 30, 2022

#JULYGANTIC in Summary - The Best

 Here we are, wrapping up #JULYGANTIC - a whole month of giants.

The experiment was a failure on several important levels.  Firstly, because I didn't manage to run any giant-related adventures this month (or any D&D at all).  Playing > Writing About.  The second failing was that nobody else got in on the hashtag, far as I can tell.  Oh well, this is why we try things.  I hope it's been entertaining for regular readers, maybe picked up some new readers, and introduced folks to adventures they didn't know were out there.

The success of JULYGANTIC is that I cranked out so many posts - some short, some longer, but building some discipline in pre-writing and scheduling blogposts was probably worth it for me.  And now of course I must be acknowledged as the world's greatest expert in giant-themed adventures.  Or something.

Of all the material I read through in the past two months, these are the adventures I would consider running (and these are maybe in order of preference, but I'm not 100% on that):

Dark Clouds Gather. Nicely-done TSR-era adventure with strong "exotic" S&S vibe.

In Vino Gigantus. 5e jam with solid fairy-tale and old-school-grind undertone.

Ark of the Mountains. 5e DDAL adventure that seems adaptable to a great romp on a flying ship.

Aerie of the Cloud Giant Strategos. AD&D/OSRIC module, suitable for pairing with Against the Giants or running by itself.

Sanctuary of Belches. 5e dungeon with an interesting setup.

Ancient Blood. AD&D, nice Beowulf/curses vibe.

Them Apples. AD&D, low-level low-power sneak-heist with good humor potential.

Palace In The Sky. AD&D, solid cloud giant flying-island adventure with motivated NPCs.

Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane. 4e, good representation of the Against the Giants model.

There are sections or encounters from a number of other adventures that I would consider stealing outright and dropping on a hexmap, but the above are the ones that make me say “huh, I could run this”.  Obviously I’m biased - some of the scenarios there are ones that have a fun/gonzo/goofy factor higher than average. I didn't discuss it in this series, but I've run Cloud Giant's Bargain twice, and I think there's good stuff to be used there as well.

I was also surprised and pleased with the content in all three of the giant-themed sourcebooks I read during #JULYGANTIC. While I really only recommend Giantcraft for Forgotten Realms/5e DMs, Legends & Lairs Giant Lore and Role-Aids Giants were both solid reads full of useable ideas.

Tomorrow's post will cover "giant concepts inspired by all this reading" - some ideas I want to throw out in the ether and maybe develop and add to my own campaign map.


  1. Well done...that was an incredible amount of work. I have a giants campaign planned for someday, so I bookmarked the start of your epic review series. Appreciate the effort, I read every post even though I didn't comment until now.

  2. i thought this was cool series of posts - glad you stuck with it the whole month

  3. Thank you both for your comments! It was indeed a lot of work - "work?" Does it count when it's (mostly) fun? Anyway, not in a hurry to do a themed month again for a bit!