Saturday, December 8, 2012

Secret Santicore: Wreck of the Fenric Sits-Heavy

Today begins our release of Secret Santicore 2012 content, huzzah!  You can check back here and at our Santicore-sister-blogs throughout the month for more great community-created content.

Let's start with a bang, shall we?

THE SANTICORE REQUEST:  A small (runnable in a single session of no more than six hours) location-based adventure built around a ship which has sunk in fairly shallow waters, and which is rumored to contain excellent treasure.

One sunken ship, coming up!  Roger S.G. Sorolla from Roles, Rules, and Rolls presents The Wreck of the Fenric Sits-Heavy, an adventure for levels 3-5, featuring a shipwreck, a vampire, disgusting worms, and the witch Maggotty Meg and her grotesque brood.  What's not to love?

The worms.  The worms are not to love.
Kudos to Roger for putting together this adventure (with illustrations and maps!) for his Secret Santicore.  It's such an easy coastal drop-in location I suspect it will see lots of use.


  1. You are a good man to post this. Yay!

  2. what's the status of Santicore 2012 now? I'd love to see it get done (even if not in time for Christmas) but I'm wading far above my eyeballs right now, which is why I haven't volunteered.

  3. Richard, we hope Santicore 2012 will become a laid-out pdf after the holidays sometime. It is only the pdf release which is delayed - we have almost all the submissions, and a few not-quite-done ones are being finished, so everything that would have been (and will be) in the pretty pdf will be released via the blogs before Christmas.

  4. That right there is an amazing piece of work - hats off to Roger!

  5. It commits no Crimes Against Mimesis! I'm very happy with it as my Santicore gift.