Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secret Santicore: Terrain Complications Table

Today's Santicorean treat:  RANDOM TABLE.

THE REQUEST:    Some random table/procedure about special terrain in ordinary/wilderness encounters.

Andy Wise answers the call below!  Thanks, Andy.

Three options:

1. Critical fumble table, when someone rolls a fumble, roll a d20, on
an unassigned number, nothing extra nasty happens.

2. Movement hardship table, whenever a character moves during combat,
roll d20, unassigned numbers mean nothing nasty happens. (May want to
trim it down to 10 nasty 10 nothing)

3. Near miss table, when a character misses, count by how many points
(needed a 17, rolled a 16? that's a 1, needed 17 rolled a 4, that's a
13) and explain their miss with added nasty!


1 Stepped on a spored mushroom, contemplate the universe for 1d4 rounds.
2 Unseen slope! Move 1d4 spaces in random direction.
3 Something slippery, fall prone.
4 Boot stuck in mud, either use an action to free it, or lose it.
5 Twist your ankle on a wonky root, -1 movement until combat ends or healed.
6 Falling branch, dodge (saving throw?) or take 1d8 damage.
7 Muddy patch, -3 movement until you have moved 1d4 spaces.
8 Caught clothing on branch, either use an action to free it or ruin it.
9 Scat! -2 CHR until bath/laundry.
10 ANGRY BEES! 1D4 damage per turn until you have moved 1d10 spaces.
11 Muddy boots, -1 to hit, 1 in 6 chance to fall prone each
subsequent movement.
12 Fall in pit to waist, can still fight, just not move. Take a full
action to climb out.
13 Stepped through rotten log, -1 to everything until end of turn.
14 Weapon caught in shrubbery, next attack at -3 to hit.
15 You woke the bears. Run.

This will end in tears.

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