Sunday, December 9, 2012

Secret Santicore: Town & Lair Map (plus bonus monster art)

Next up for Secret Santicore, it's map time!

THE REQUEST:  A few maps of interesting smallish lairs that could be used as the home of some monsters for wilderness encounters.  No stocking needed, just the maps.  Ruined bunker, old monastery, fort, giant hollow tree; those are just some ideas.  Whatever you come up with is good.

Kreg Mosier brings us two nice maps - a (ruined or subterranean? you decide!) city and a lair that goes from "building" to "organic wtf" very quickly.



And on top of that, Kreg gave us this sweet rust monster:

All three illustrations (which are big tifs) are available in a ZIP file here.  Thanks, Kreg!

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