Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Secret Santicore: So You Have A Ship Now...

One more Santicore request for your post-holiday full-of-food fighting-a-cold glad-the-inlaws-are-gone perusal.

THE REQUEST: a table or list of ideas for under-the-table jobs, risky mercantile opportunities, and unfortunate plots to become entangled in that's appropriate for a group of mid-level PCs with a ship and well-armed crew in a sandbox/player-roguishness-driven campaign, in a swords-and-sorcery setting. Some ideas that have positive or problematic repercussions when the game reaches the domain-conquering/thieves'-guild-managing/wizard's-tower-building stage of the game would be great. Also, one entry should deal with a Pirate Queen (whoever that is.)

And here's a fine table of hooks from Adrian Ryan.  It's in google-spreadsheet format, so you can save off an editable copy and tweak to fit your setting, or save as a pdf if that's your bag.

This submission is particularly of interest to me, since Mrs. Wampus gave me pirate-viking books for Christmas, with the admonition that "Wampus needs boats".  And of course, she's right.  Flying boats.

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