Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santicore Starts Saturday...

You've probably heard about the issue with the Secret Santicore pdf, and how it won't be out by Christmas due to unforeseen circumstances.   But fret not - pour yourself a cup of cheer, for all of the Santicore 2012 submissions will still be visible to the gaming public in time for St. Nick to shimmy down the chimney!

Lots of gamey fluff and crunch,
Want some stuff?  We've got a bunch!

Starting this weekend, Santicore's jolly assistants will begin releasing the awesome submissions into the wild on various blogs so everybody can see (and use!) the great content generated by the community.  Think of it as a mashup between a blog carnival and an advent calendar!  Some days we might see one article, others a couple, or some wily Santicore-wrangler may release a whole slew of them in a massive bundle.  (This is my smiling marketing-speak way of saying we don't guarantee one per day :) )  When it's all over we'll set up a single page somewhere that links to every article, no matter where it's hosted, to act as a virtual Secret Santicore.  If you use something from Santicore, hack it up or add to it and re-post it, drop me a line so that version can be indexed as well...  A virtual Santicore is an ever-mutating Santicore!

If you don't already follow these blogs, add them to your roll or feed now so you don't miss the rollout of Santicore content:

From The Sorceror's Skull, hosted by Trey

Rolang's Creeping Doom, hosted by Rolang

Wrath of Zombie, hosted by Mike

442644, hosted by Dallas (and brand-spanking-new -wait for iiiiit)

Wampus Country (psst, you're already here)

You're going to be crushed by this winter avalanche of Santicorean goodness!  We've got nearly a hundred Secret Santicore 2012 articles to float out there, on all kinds of topics.  Get it, use it, hack it, share it.  I hope the sleigh has seat belts - it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

(And if you don't yet have Secret Santicore 2011, what the holly-jolly is wrong with you?)

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  1. Thanks a lot guys!
    Way to take the pressure off Jez and get it done.
    I was hoping to see my request as much as I wanted my sub to get into the world.
    You wranglers are champions, nay, The Champions!