Sunday, June 19, 2022

Zelena's End-of-Year Clearance

 Zelena Dire (Witch For Hire) resides in the always-growing town of Thistlemarch; she has proven a fairly reliable ally to some PCs.  She's also the easiest local witch to convince to make minor magic items.

Some years ago she blew out her stock of lesser magics, as below.  Some of these items were clearly made out of bits and bobs given/sold to her by PCs.

Turkimera-feather charm - wearer gains +2 on all saves against sleep or mind control. (costs $150)

Pauldrons of the Devil-Duck - a shoulder accessory made from twin duckbills; may be attached to armor or to a cape.  Wearer gains a +2 to any swimming checks, and takes half damage from water based effects (note that ice is water, but not all cold effects are ice).  (costs $550)

Imperfect Healing potions - refugees from batches which didn’t turn out up to snuff or meet Zelena’s stringent quality control.  Each of these concoctions will heal 1d4+1 hp of damage, but there is also a 1 in 6 chance the imbiber’s skin and hair will instantly turn to an unfortunate color (effect lasts 2d4 weeks).  $50 each, or $85 for two.  (limited supply of six total)

one “Snollygoster Squeezins” Potion- Zelena got this as part of her payment for services rendered, and as she doesn’t much care for unreliable magic, is passing the savings on to you.  $25  

Spider Juice- An aromatic potion with bits of things floating in it.  Drinking spider juice acts as a counter to poison; the effect lasts 24 hours.  The first time the imbiber is poisoned (whether the save is failed or passed), the effects of a slow poison spell kick in immediately.  $35 each.  (limited supply of four total)

Gigantic Plum- It’s a basketball-sized plum.  Looks tasty.  $30.

Teeky Tooky Mask- A colorful carved wooden mask in the bestial/demonic style of the Black Eagle tribe; Zelena says it “creeps her out”, so she’s letting go of it.  When worn, the mask grants a +1 bonus to saves versus gaze attacks of any sort, and grants 60’ infravision.  It’s very presence _might_ anger certain types of demon.  $45.

Stone Donkey Potion- A swirling, thick, reddish goo of a potion.  When fed to four-legged livestock (anywhere from donkey to cow to horse etc), instantly turns the animal to stone (save vs petrification).  Zelena crafted this for a client who never picked it up and has no earthly idea what the hell it’s good for.  $30. (limited supply of one)

Forget Me Please Potion - An effervescent green liquid which smells of armpit, guaranteed to assist you in getting rid of unwanted paramours.  Upon drinking it, the imbiber immediately loses 3 points of Charisma and much of their good looks, for 1d4+1 hours.  $20.  (limited supply of two)

Zelena Dire, a bit out of sorts judging by her use of her Tuesday bicycle and her Thursday face.

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