Sunday, June 12, 2022

Minor Magics from the Living Totem

 Upon exploring the Living Totem - something between a tower and a giant golem - the Rat-House Bastards were awarded several very minor magical items.  They are reproduced here from the Wampus archives.

anti-lagomorph fetish - this “lucky rabbit’s foot” on a brass chain grants its wearer +1 to any roll to track, catch, or attack any rabbit or rabbit-like creature (including rabbits, hares, pikas, bunnies, jackalopes, rabbitjacks, two-headed death hares, etc).

ululating torc of unexpected predation  - worn as a bracelet, this bit of ancient bronze costume jewelry tightens slightly whenever a large creature within 120 feet thinks about eating the wearer.

ring of vanity - A simple silver ring in appearance, this item is extremely efficient at accomplishing a limited purpose.  Once per day, the wearer may trigger the effect by running his or her fingers (including the one wearing the ring) through their hair, and then tossing their head to the side a bit with a flourish.  Immediately the character is instantly bathed, de-loused, groomed, and coiffed, and their clothes are cleaned as well.

silken pouch of fairy teeth - This pouch of red silk, tied with white ribbon, contains several fairy teeth mixed with scented potpourri.  If carried in the pocket, next to a coin purse, the sympathetic harmonies of the fairy teeth resonating with the coinage deduct 15% (or 1 in 6 for such systems) from attempts to pick-pocket the character.

scintillating shard - To all appearances a rainbow-colored toothpick, this magical piece of wood has a singular power - if the shard is jabbed into a plate of food (even a bowl of soup), the flavors in the dish are transposed: bitter becomes sour, sour becomes salty, salty becomes spicy, spicy becomes bitter.  The shard functions once per week on a normal-sized portion of food (it will not work on an entire cauldron of soup).

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