Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Contest Winners!

This was crazy difficult.  The submissions for the Wampus Country Summer Contest were awesome.  Seriously awesome.  Eighteen entries from fifteen different gamers, including NPCs, monsters, magic items, random tables for encounters and plots, maps, artwork, and even a recipe.  With the able assistance of Mrs. Wampus and The Boy, I pored over the entries and forced myself to select winners from amongst the pile of digital awesome which lay before me.

Without further ado, here are those winners:

MONARCH OF SUMMERLAND (GRAND PRIZE) goes to Gustie, who submitted a whole subsystem for hot-air balloon travel, construction, and combat for Wampus Country, along with a sweet aerial encounter table and illustrations to match.  Fantastic stuff.  Other campaigns will be borrowing these ballooning rules, that's my prediction.  Gustie wins the 'Travel DM Kit', which includes a handmade duct-tape messenger bag, handmade box for his dice, a box of gaming junk, and a custom d100 table.

Our two EXALTED WINNERS are William and Jacob.  William gave us a very flavorful (pun intended), fully-stocked dungeon inside a giant birthday cake.  Jacob's entry contained two magical items which were not only very Wampus-y in flavor but chock-ful of obvious utility and adventure-hook inspiration.  William and Jacob will each receive a box of gaming junk and a custom d100 table.

The committee has also selected three HONORABLE MENTIONS who will each receive a custom d100 table: Jeremy, Jason, and James, who gave us some interesting and useful monsters, items, and a random table of use to any fantasy GM.

This is being cross-posted to G+...  Gustie, William, and Jacob should email me snail mail addresses for the meatspace prizes, and everybody should think about what they want in the way of a custom multi-column d100 table.

Mega-thanks to everybody who participated in the contest!  The next step for me is to get the prizes finished and shipped out, then to assemble all the entries (plus more stuff) into a pdf - hopefully we'll all see Rumpscullion's Summer Holiday before the rest of us hit the winter holidays...

The Family Wampus attempts to tackle the monstrous Pile of Contest Entries.


  1. Awesome - congrats to the winners, and I really look forward to checking out the assembled entries!

  2. Hopefully it won't take me forever to assemble the stuff and lay it out all purty; I'm using this project as catalyst to learn the ins & outs of LibreOffice.

  3. cool deal, it was really fun to do

  4. So I am thinking for my table (really the best thing!) Container - Weird Quasi Industrial Era Treasure - Strange Magical (minor) effect(first 20 worthless/bad effect please).

    With values between 0 - 100 GP for each. I.e. (sample line)

    35 - Whalebone case (5GP) - Gold bifocals (5GP) - allow user to correctly evaluate wine for quality and taste (25 GP)

    This would be good for Wampus or my own pit of tweed punk worm slimed evil.