Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soldiers of Wampus Country

I figured it would make sense, and be a fun little exercise, to pull some pics and illustrations representing different character classes in Wampus Country.  For this one, we take a look at Fighters - specifically the professional sorts, rather than bar-room brawlers and frontiersmen, which we'll get to later.

Some of the fashions and nomenclature current amongst professional soldiers in Wampus Country are handed down from Grandpa's War.  In fact, some mercenary companies trace their lineage back to that conflict, and have kept the same name - Third Heavy Cavalry, etc - passing it from generation to generation, even if the once-honorable group has descended into brigandry and monster-hunting in the years since.

A veteran expeditioneer relying on his keen  hearing to avoid stumbling into owlbear territory.
Some mercenaries maintain the old ways of the knight-errant, fighting from horseback with spear or lance.

Marshal Plimpt inspects his company before leading a raid against the Yellowscale barbarians.
Light cavalryman; his distinctive turban marks him as a member of the  Howling  Sabres.
Always suave and fashionable, veteran warrior Hulbrecht Fontayne is more famous for his romantic conquests than his martial ones.  Coats mimicking his style are widely available.
Sargus Blackburne has refused to let his microcephalic curse impede his career as a myrmidon.
Some of the civilized warriors have taken to aping barbarian styles, such as this sword-for-hire.
Commander Appelbaum of the Mighty Seventh Rifles.
Lieutenant Plumdiddle retired from soldiering and now runs a small chain of chip shops.
General Louise "the Meat-Grinder" Flessen, field commander of the Three Stars mercenary company.
Veteran riflewoman of the Singing Magpies.

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