Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goats Versus Owls

First a random thing pulled from my fundament during game-aftermath last session (guard-goats), and then some crazy half-owl things.


This hand-raised guard-goat, known as "Strumpet", lived to the ripe old age of three before losing her life in a tragic green-slime-related accident.  At the time of her death, she was getting pretty good at picking simple locks.
Ernie Pyewackett has a farm south of Thistlemarch; there, he raises and trains animals.  Although he has a number of fine dogs which he sells for a competitive price ($25 for a guard dog), most folk are far more interested in his guard-goats.  These critters are, to all appearances, normal goats.  Ernie insists that they're smarter than dogs and he trains 'em just the same; many goats develop very distinct - some would say eccentric - personalities over time, especially if their human owner is himself a bit of a weirdo (such as a gunslinger, explorer, or semi-professional brigand).  Guard goats cost $30 each (stats as normal guard dog).

1 - Lawful Clever
2 - Lawful Overprotective
3 - Neutral Stubborn
4 - Neutral Amorous
5 - Chaotic Daredevil
6 - Chaotic Destructive

1 - light grey, short-haired
2 - white and extremely fluffly long-haired
3 - black with a white blaze on its snout
4 - brown short-haired
5 - grey, long-haired coat done in dreadlocks all over
6 - black and white spotted or patches
7 - cream-colored, almost yellow
8  - inexplicably shaven; farmer will not discuss why

Although many realms have native owlbears, Wampus Country is very lucky in that it is home to a number of owl-derived species, owing perhaps to the genetic manipulation of an owl-based civilization in ancient times (it is supposed that the owls predate the apes in the march of history).  Here are a few.

Owl-dogs are devilishly difficult to train; they are willful, a bit cruel, and constantly hungry.

This owl-dog, called Mister Cranky, served as a wizard's familiar up until its master's grisly end in the City of Mazes.
"Fumble-face", a domesticated owl-dog trained for battle,  has consistently  missed every bite attack it has attempted.  His owner, a mercenary attached to Massey's Men, is considering barbecuing the damn thing.
Hairless owl-cat, stuffed, found in a lich's tomb.
An adult owl-bunny will eat thrice its weight in carrots and candy corn daily.
Owl-bunnies have become popular fashion accessories amongst the hoi-polloi in River-Town of late; although they fit nicely in a handbag, rumors that owl-bunnies can detect ghosts have not been borne out by experiment.
The only known living koaowla, Oogol the Crafty is a  skilled safe-cracker, second-story burglar,  and strangler, with a thousand-dollar bounty on his tiny head.


  1. It is remarkable that so many realities are woefully bereft of owlish speciation. It's nice to see Wampus Country is not.

  2. Damn, now I have to watch out for Dropbears AND Koaowlas! The Australian bush just got more deadly.

  3. Okay, a little self promotion, here is a set of charts for doing random squid encounters. You know, for all those times when you might have to have a spur-of-the-moment filler encounter in your campaign, involving a squid.

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