Sunday, May 6, 2012

Treasure Maps

d100 madness continues!

An attempt at a table to assist in on-the-fly treasure maps.  Some folks end up rolling a 'treasure map' as part of a hoard or event table and are then at a loss, having to quickly create a treasure map - usually as a handout.

This d100 table has only two columns; the second has some minor treasures and disappointments to put under the 'X' on the map.  The first column contains various vaguely-named landmarks that can be used to spur creativity when drawing up a treasure map.  I considered doing a column of "directions", but quickly realized that endeavor was not terribly fruitful.  A randomness-loving DM can use a d8 for cardinal directions or a d12 as a clockface or whatever; other folks will want to roll two or three landmarks and then just plop 'em down on a scrawled map.  Add treasure-mappy goodness (drawings, scribbles of a madman, et al) and go for it.

The landmarks are necessarily vague and could be actual things, metaphors, or local (or ancient) names for rock formations and the like.  You'll see what I mean when you check out the table, I hope.

"If this is another chest full of dead cats, I quit."


  1. DLed. Going to put a treasure map in tomorrow night's game. Well timed.

  2. This is great, thank you! And you can use the final column for populating general treasure too, in a pinch. Some of them would be a bit odd of course :-)