Sunday, May 6, 2012

d100 Arcane Books

d100 table madness!  I have a to-do list of d100 tables in front of me, let's see how many I can crank out this week.

Sorcerous treatises and blasphemous grimoires are common in fantasy.  Find a d100 table for generating arcane books here.

Generates a book name ([the] "Insidious Chronicle", "Otherwordly Ephemeris"), and also has a column for contents (or 'extra contents' if you're doing a spellbook - maybe the spellbook has a few pages of notes on golems in it or whatever).

Part of the 'Fantastic Creations' RPG Blog Carnival.


  1. y'know, this is a d100 table. If you're expected to roll once on each column and they are independent of each other, you can legitimately call this "1,000,000 arcane books".

  2. You're right, Keith, but that's just not how I roll. ;)

  3. I thought my list of random book appearances was good until I saw this :-)