Monday, May 14, 2012

Scenes from Wampus Country: Fairies & Spirits

The lines between 'fairy', 'spirit', and 'god' are extremely blurred in Wampus Country; creatures of spirit are ancient, powerful, and fickle.  Attempting to make too much sense of their ways is ill-advised.  Although such spirits can often be seen in the wilds of our world, wizards tell us that these strange visitors are, in fact, native to at least two other realms: the Summerland, a world of blazing color and eternal youth; and the City Behind the Moon, an infinite folding conurbation dangling amidst the empty void.

A young dryad cavorts in celebration of springtime.
Pixies are considered pests by many.
These servant-spirits owe fealty to the Vicelords, despite their amusing appearance.
The so-called Princess of All Moths is blamed for at least seven deaths this year alone.
Fairy courtesans of Summerland.
Forest brownies look after the animals in their area.
Talking animals are quite common in some parts of Wampus Country.
It is always better to avoid entanglements in fairie domestic affairs; resist the temptation to take sides when a husband and wife quarrel.
"The people of the Summerland feel emotions you cannot feel; they see colors you cannot see."

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