Friday, January 27, 2012

Massacre Mesa

You know how sometimes you'll get an idea, and it'll lead to another - and another...  In the last week or so I've had a couple idea-chains like that fire off, and I'm trying to knit them all together in my mind to make a nice mini-hexcrawl area with a couple of adventure sites.

Currently, the region includes:
* the Vulture-Men of Buzzard Gulch, greatly expanded with hooks
* Massacre Mesa, where an entire town died mysteriously overnight.  Twice.  Some people never learn.
* a medium-sized dungeon associated with the Mesa, and the very strange villain within
* the Potbelly Mine (mini-dungeon thing), where the miners went looking for metal and instead found madness
* Hotfoot's Oasis, a trading-post with NPCs and such
* Coyote Falls, where the coyote-folk gather annually to demonstrate their cunning and cleverness in praise of Father Coyote the trickster...and the PCs can compete, too, in hopes of winning the god's odd favor
* a weird encounter/location involving a crazy gold-panning prospector who's fallen in love with a nereid
"And this one time?  Last summer?  I totally tricked a giant into eating his own poop.  No, guys, seriously.  Completely gross.  I laughed so hard prairie dog came out my nose."

Getting all these worked up is going to take a little time - particularly the larger of the two dungeons - and I want to make sure that each 'bit' has potential ties to the others.  Not in terms of 'plot' necessarily, but to make it feel like a unified area you'd want to adventure in a little bit before leaving it behind for something else.  I'm tempted to draw stuff up in Hexographer, to keep me motivated, but I know darn well I should just do a checklist and start knocking stuff out.

Anyway, if I can get this stuff done, I'll bundle it all up as Mysteries of Massacre Mesa and post it for download.  Deadlines help, of course, but I do have other (game and non-game) stuff going on...maybe by Spring.

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