Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, New Dice?

I need new dice.  Not just because I can't find most of our dice at the moment, but because new dice are keen and I'd like to pull together a set that's nicely representative of the Wampus Country aesthetic for the game's I'll be running this year.  It's like getting a new workout outfit, or putting sweet rims on your car.  (Did I say that right?  "Sweet rims?")

My FLGS has dice in tubes, but not much selection.  It's hit or miss on in-stock colors for sets, and I don't particularly want to go piecemeal, I want to start with a standard set.  So I headed over to Awesome Dice and checked out their stuff and came away pretty darned pleased.  Not only did they have a good mix of dice, the prices seemed pretty good as well.

I think I've settled on these babies:

I'm digging the bronze look.  And if I go bronze, then I'll probably accessorize with the metallic d6 set as well.

Or maybe just go for a mess of the wooden ones.

Anyway, in the next couple of weeks I'll certainly be putting in an order over there.  But what to use as a dice bag?  They sell dice bags at Awesome Dice as well, but I think I'd rather have a homemade one.  And I still want to try a cigar-box setup as well.

I know full well that my wife will want new dice, too - she usually goes for purples, but who know what will happen if I show her the crazy 'Carousel' dice.

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