Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frontier Town Name Generator


Here's a quick set of tables I ginned up to generate town names (and geographic features) for Wampus Country.

Three d100 tables; 'A' is primarily adjectives, 'B' is nouns, and 'C' is geographic features or settlement types.  So you could roll A+B, A+C, A+B+C, whatever.  Be prepared to add plurals and possessives where appropriate.  Nonsensical or redundant results are of course possible ('Bent Bend').

It's a googledoc spreadsheet; if anybody wants to format it all purty, have at.


  1. Hey, I'm working on a source-book for a frontier setting and I was wondering whether you'd be happy with me your town name generator and of course crediting you as the creator?

  2. I expect we can work that out no problem - drop me a line at erikisarobot AT the gmail thing, I'd like to hear more about your project!

  3. I've automated this set of tables @ Abulafia! Thanks for the great material, Erik!