Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting It On, Online

"There's just the two of us, Margaret.  I can't think of a way to  occupy ourselves."

If you don't have a regular gaming group, playing a rpg can be a pain in the rear.  Is gaming online the same as playing in person?  No, of course not.

However, this techno-marvelous century makes it easy to get your game on, if you're willing to play online.

My experiments in running Labyrinth Lord via Gchat have been mixed; the game is fun, the people are great, but the tools are a slight impediment.  Also an issue with that game: the time-slot is only two hours.  It's hard to get into sufficient mischief in just two hours; there's a reason con-game slots are always four hours long (or longer).

Now that I'm rocking the shiny new laptop, it won't be long before I'm running stuff online with ConstantCon.  That will involve a webcam, a mic, and a Google Hangout, like all ConstantCon games.  But I'd like to play in a couple first before I stick my neck out - guess that's only natural.  Finding the right time of day/night to do this might prove an interesting challenge.  Worth noting that any ConstantCon games I run will be FLAILSNAILS compatible.

Further, there's Aethercon, an online convention coming up in November.  They're offering space to whoever wants to register to play and run, any game, all using the latest version of the Traipse software (cheekily called 'Pious Paladin').  Chat functions, dice functions, and a map all in one.  I will definitely be running a couple of Wampus Country games at Aethercon in November, so check out their website and FB page, and keep an eye on this space for further announcements. 

That aside, it might be time for some Gchat or Hangout-based pick-up gaming in the near future (of the "short-notice let's do this damn thing" variety, perhaps).  If you're interested in maybe matching wits with the Wampus Country, drop me a line in the comments below.

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  1. Obviously I am up for playing! As soon as I get a webcam! Like, next week.