Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meat-o-Saurus Rex: Off to Texas

Forward, to Glory!
Also, beer.
Regular posting will resume in a week or so, when we get back from the North Texas RPG Con in Dallas, Texas!  I'm looking forward to four days of dice-slinging - although Thursday and Friday I'll probably only be at the con up til dinnertime.  Family stuff going on, as we're staying cheaply in Dallas thanks to the kindness of my sister.

I'm running a Wampus Country session on Sunday morning of the con, and it's a bit of a weird one.  The first thing I did was crowdsource the title of the adventure, and plussers responded quickly with all manner of strangeness.  In true random-table spirit, I rolled some results using the suggested names as fodder (most of 'em were in classic 'X of the Y Z' format already).  The most evocative of the three generated was "Tears of the Dinosaur Sausages", and that's what we went with.  It's absurd-sounding, it has dinosaurs and food in's pretty Wampus just on the face of it.  I used the title to inspire a scenario involving, well, dinosaur sausages, to wit:

It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times... when a popular sausage-maker cuts corners to keep up with demand, his use of strange snollygoster meat draws the attention of a sleeping saurian divinity. Can the PCs defeat the animate dino-sausages and deal with an angry prehistoric lizard-god? Danger and humor abound in equal measure in this unusual adventure, the title of which was randomly generated. It's sure to be a "meatgrinder" of a session... 'Wampus Country' is a whimsical setting of tall-tale action on the fantasy frontier - bring your rifle and coonskin cap!

The adventure material is essentially finished, I'm just wrapping up the pre-gens and will have a map to finalize once I get to Texas (we have several days of lounging before the con starts - I suspect beer and the swimming pool will aid the creative revision process significantly). Interestingly, since I can see who registered for the game, it looks like three couples are signed up, so I did the pregens as three male and three female, and will put some awesome illustrations by Theo Evans on the sheets (some of these illos have been on the blog recently). Probably we'll swing by a local toystore or big box place and grab a couple plastic dinosaurs to use in-session, as well.

Of course, a convention isn't just about running games, it's also about playing in them, so I have signed up for three scheduled sessions. One is Zogorion, Lord of the Hippogriffs, as run by Ian Wheat - that should be fun, I hear good things about the adventure and look forward to meeting Ian in person after having played a few sessions with him online. My other two sessions are Dungeon Crawl Classics, both DMed by the inimitable Harley Stroh. While one - The Black Manse - looks to be 'standard' DCC, the other (Peril On The Purple Planet) is explicitly bring-your-FLAILSNAILS-dude. That means a certain man-mole is headed into space.

I hope to have a ton of pictures and will do a con wrapup when I get back!


  1. Oh man, is it too much to hope that Wampus Country makes its way to Gencon?

  2. No GenCon for us this year, I'm afraid - maybe next year, with product in hand!