Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Hundred Magic-Users

When hiring a sorceror, one must be careful regarding reassuring stereotypes; they are not a universal indicator of  experience, wisdom, or sanity.

Here's the latest: a d100 table for generating traits for wizards and the like, entitled One Hundred Magic Users.  Let me know if the link doesn't work right, I'm experimenting here.

The table offers kennings and nicknames, outstanding features, hobbies/goals, and a hundred different familiars.  Perfect when you have a room full of wizards and need to distinguish them on the fly.  I didn't do names - they're often campaign-specific in flavor, so I left it out this time.


  1. Thanks, Jack - you might get a prettier version in Rincewind's GM compilation, that's what I wrote it for. ;)

  2. Isn't that actually 100,000,000 magic-users (100^4)?

  3. Well, yes, technically, but there are diminishing returns of utility involved. "Hey, didn't that last evil wizard we fought have a star-nosed mole for a familiar? And he liked opera just like this guy does!" The peril of all random tables. :)

  4. I've automated this table @ Abulafia. Thanks for the great material, Erik!