Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Santicore: "...than to receive." Also, penguins.

wrathofzombie was my Secret Santicore, and posted his response to my request on his blog - a very nice set of bandit groups and sketchy bandit leaders which will definitely see use at my table.  Thanks, wrathofzombie!

Meanwhile, over here at Wampus Country HQ, we're finally starting to hang Christmas decorations after some frantic cleaning.  The bulk of our holiday stuff is blue, white, and purple, and Mrs. Wampus has an ever-growing collection of penguin stuff that marches out of the closet this time of year to perch on every vaguely flat surface in the place.  It's a bit intimidating.  If there's anybody out there with a crippling fear of penguins who needs aversion therapy, drop me a line.

Gamers being gamers, of course, her penguin obsession did result in the (now-infamous) appearance of a mute penguin secret agent in an old campaign.  He was an NPC and I can't even remember his name, but he drew the PCs into the 'very special Rankin-Bass Christmas episode' (more about that closer to the holiday, I think) and later reappeared as the sidekick to an elf (as in Santa-type) bounty hunter who I believe was called Jingle Fett.  Yes, it was that kind of campaign - or, at least, it was sometimes.  The penguin assisted the PCs in infiltrating a ritzy Monte Carlo casino (he's in a tux, after all) run by Tyche, and there was an 'always bet on black' joke, and there may have been a 'Winter Soldier' gag.  Highly entertaining.

Bottom line: that penguin was one hell of a sniper, and sat on phone books to drive a Ferrari (no idea how he worked the pedals).

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