Saturday, March 12, 2022


I don't typically do "game jams" and I haven't done a "community project" in years, but when I saw the OSR Game Jam on, for whatever reason I had a burst of energy. The result is Vague Elephant Project, which you can download now, free. It's short, but contains a variant B/X class, some elephant-themed spells, and general writeups on a couple of creatures that might be useful in your campaign.


  1. I see hanging out with the #BROSR on Twitter is beginning to bear fruit.

    1. Talking games regularly does keep the juices flowing. In this case I think a large part of it was needing a break from work stuff and just quickly pushing through on a bunch of nonsense. But proof of concept is there - I can still Wampus when the mood strikes.

    2. I was referring (in a bracketed aside that has apparently disappeared) specifically to the wrestling-isms in the Slammoths section, but even so there's no mistaking that Wampus County flavor.

    3. Apologies, other than vanilla moderation I don't know what could be going on with comments - sorry you lost some text!