Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pink Elephants (Parade Optional)

Some stuff from this week's game, which was a belated Valentine's session centered around brewing a love potion.

  A family of pink elephants have made two appearances now in the campaign; the first time, the PCs used hypnotism and suggestion to shoo them off.  This time, the gang had to procure some pink elephant milk as a component for a love potion.  The passion peppers were another part of the recipe.  The third and fourth components were glueroot and a feather from an anti-peacock, but since those were tracked down by an NPC, we'll save those for another time.

PINK ELEPHANT (Euphoriphant)

Bull (AC 2, HD 14); Cow (AC 3, HD 11); Baby (AC 6, HD 5)
Although of comparable size to a mundane elephant, the euphoriphant is primarily woven of dreamstuff rather than normal matter, which accounts for the improved toughness of their rosy hide.  A full-grown euphoriphant has five attacks, just like an elephant, with comparable damage.  In addition, they can fire a spray of dream-bubbles from their trunks (cone-shaped breath weapon) which triggers a save vs poison; failing the save means the target instantly becomes hilariously drunk (-4 to any applicable rolls) for 1d4 turns.

The pink elephant, also known as the euphoriphant, is rarely seen in Wampus Country.  The euphoriphants spend much of their time wandering in the ever-shifting wilderness of dreams which acts as a buffer zone for the realms of nightmare, returning to the material world only to calve.  When the baby euphoriphant reaches six or seven months of age, the pink elephant family will return to the dream-world.  Although pink elephants do not speak, they are quite clever, and while in the realms of dream serve as guardians.  It is the task of the euphoriphant to prevent unauthorized dream-travel; thus they appear to the very drunk, nudging them gently back into the real world; no doubt this role stems from some ancient rivalry between the Vicelords and the beings which rule the worlds of dream.  It is assumed that the flesh or ivory from a euphoriphant may be used to contribute to powerful magical effects; even the milk of the euphoriphant cow is a strong intoxicant, known to trigger lucid dreaming.


These heart-shaped red peppers grow on a parasitic vine which wraps itself around large trees.  Both the oil and flesh of the peppers are considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac.  How powerful?  Merely touching the peppers with ungloved hands can cause mood shift in the weak-willed.  Use the tables below for passion pepper interaction.

touch outside of pepper - save vs poison - roll on table, lasts 1d4 turns
touch inside of pepper/juice - save vs poison - roll on table at +1, lasts 2d4 turns
eat flesh of pepper - save vs poison at -1 - roll on table at +2, lasts 3d6 turns
eat seeds of pepper - save vs poison at -2 - roll on table at +3, lasts 1d4 days
(mixed or repeated applications should escalate things)

Passion Pepper consumption result (d6)
1: flirtatious
2: amorous
3: smitten
4: twitterpated
5: lecherous
6: insatiable

It was a fun session, although a bit short - I should've paced better or tossed in a random encounter when I saw we were moving quickly.  Live and learn!  I suppose any session in which the PCs have to flee from an amorous pink elephant is some kind of win.  I fully expect PCs to attempt to weaponize the passion peppers they kept, which should lead to no end of mischief.

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