Monday, November 26, 2012

And You Think I'm Hexy

Above, a map of central Wampus Country, annotated with hex numbers.  Hopefully it's readable if you click to cast enlarge.  These are six-mile hexes; having this numbered hexmap should make things a tad easier for our players.

Some places of note follow.

0116  River-Town

1106  Charnel Caves of the Necronauts (zombie beaver damn entrance)

1308  Thistlemarch

1408  Saltvale

1507  The Mad Margrave's Keep

1509  Stairway to Nowhere

1609  Stump-Witch's gnarled grove

2211  Crumbledown

2216  Frogport

Predicted reaction from my Friday night group: "When we were at Crumbledown we were THAT CLOSE to Frogport?  DAMN."