Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Year In Wampus Country

It's difficult to believe this blog is a year old - or will be, come tomorrow.  What did we accomplish this year?

140 posts.  Not nearly as many as some blogs manage, but that averages out to almost three posts a week.  Not too shabby, I guess.

Over 33,000 pageviews.  This sounds fun but is such a corrupted statistic as to be meaningless.  Still, it's fun to see that number grow.

A whole mess of random tables, most of which are way more general than Wampus Country.

Introduced the discerning public to a strange blend of humor, fairy-tale wonder, and faux-American adventure.  Setting, setting, setting!

Helped with Secret Santicore.

Did some crazy posts with advertising mascots.

Kept the industry chatter and whining to a bare minimum (definitely a goal of mine for the blog).

Ran a regular Friday night game with only a few cancellations.

Experimented with running via play-by-post.

Produced 78 new spells for Labyrinth Lord.

Played D&D (okay, sort-of) with my son, which has been incredibly rewarding.  You guys understand he's responsible for a third of the content here, right?

Ran a contest, the fruits of which I need to finish!

Won a contest, the fruits of which should be out next year.

Guided 48 different player characters through the wilds of Wampus Country.  That seems like a lot to me.

And, most importantly, met several bushels of really great gamers, and played a ton as well.

It's been a wonderful year full of giant chickens, platypus heads, wacky witches, midget luchadors, sasquatches, oh so many giraffes (winged and plain), lumberjack giants, talking dogs, surly simians, several sorts of fairy, giant spiders with moustaches, and goodness knows what else.  Thank you.

Next year: more and better, onward and upward.

"And then, the adventurers managed to get their hands on a hot air balloon, and nothing was ever the same afterward.  Things just got stranger from there on out."


  1. Congratulations. A lot of good stuff has good out of the blog, and the game that sprang from it. Keep it up, man!

  2. What Trey said - Wampus county has been something I look forward to on Friday nights (and I have pretty good Friday nights generally) largely because of your creativity and hard work ... also the large number of sack jokes.

  3. This is a great blog and setting. Greatly looking forward to reading more.