Monday, February 27, 2012

Scenes from Wampus Country: Expeditions

"Very well, gentlemen, it is settled.  Let us ride forth, locate these so-called hobgoblins, and stab them profusely until gold comes out."
Trappers make their rounds in the hills of the Snowdeeps.
"All I'm sayin' is, what are the chances all three tunnels have traps in 'em?  Seriously, guys.  I mean, I'm dreadful sorry about your cousin, but let's not lose sight of why we came out here."
"No, sir, the language in our adventuring charter is quite clear on this point.  Even if some half-baked priest did in fact perform the ceremony, your horse does not count as your spouse for our purposes, and we will not spend treasure held in common to resurrect it.  You'll just have to buy another, and that's final."


  1. I am really enjoying learning about Wampus Country. It is truly unique. It brings the movie Ravenous and the Donner party to mind. I would love to hear about the cannibals of Wampus Country.

  2. Funny you should mention that, I just saw 'Ravenous' for the first time today and loved it. Wendigo of some sort are absolutely mandatory - I'll put it in my 'to do' pile!