Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arcane Abecediary - Preview Edition

Despite some formatting issues (still being hammered out), the current version of the Wampus Country Arcane Abecediary can be found here.  Next step is to fix the formatting issues and add all the various appendices and half-finished magic-related articles I wanted to add, then release the thing 'for real'.  Check it out and drop me a line (erikisarobot AT g mail dot KHAAAAN!) if you find typos, unwieldy grammar and explanations, etc.

What's in this bad boy?  78 new spells for Labyrinth Lord - that's A through Z three times.

Each and every spell suitably strange and full of Wampus Country.

Big thanks to contributing artists Scrap Princess, Dave Minor, Melissa Richmond, Jez Gordon, Casteen O'Neill, and Ashe Rhyder!

Now to take a break and move on to something else for a bit... writing spells can be tiring.

H is for Harengiform Habiliments
art by Ashe Rhyder

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