Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tome Forty-One: Theriospheric Transfigurations Released

Sometimes musical artists release albums named after the age at which they wrote or recorded the material.  In that spirit, I have released a small compilation of Wampus material to DriveThru as a pay-what-you-want pdf in celebration of my forty-first birthday.  Tome Forty-One: Theriospheric Transfigurations contains an assortment of animal-themed material from the blog (including a mess of spells) supplemented by some new material (including more new spells).

Perhaps next year I'll manage Tome Forty-Two; also in consideration, combining material generated by my son (aka The Boy) with some new material inspired by him, and call it Tome Eleven.  

I have a couple other themed article compilations in the hopper, in various stages of completeness.  Of these, I expect the one with the hexcrawl appended to be finished last!

New content in 'Tome 41' includes spells about cows.  You know you need that.


  1. I'm up for any Wampus material you publish. I've been quietly hoping for a campaign book someday, but that's at your leisure.

    P.S. I don't know if you follow the Monster Brains blog, but this recent posting of theirs is a heaping howdah stuffed with 100% pure Wampus: